Our Railroads Of Interest

The SP's “Owens Valley” operation:

  • Carson & Colorado (Mound House, Nev. to Keeler, Calif.)
  • Nevada & California/CP/SP (Mina, Nevada, to Keeler, California)
  • (later just Laws to Keeler, California)

The SP's Southern California operation:

  • San Bernardino & Redlands

The subsidiaries, acquisitions and other affiliations:

  • South Pacific Coast
  • North Pacific Coast / North Shore / Northwestern Pacific
  • San Joaquin & Sierra Nevada / Northern Ry
  • Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation Co.
  • Monterey & Salinas Valley
  • Nevada-California-Oregon
  • Oregonian
  • Portland & Willamette Valley
  • Austin and Northwestern Railroad

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