Society Activities

Annual Meetings and Conferences (Conventions)

The Society holds an annual Conference that includes our annual membership meeting. The annual meeting is like that of any other historical society with reports by the officers and the results of an annual mail ballot election. It also provides for input and discussion by the membership.

The annual meeting is part of a several day conference devoted to presentations and field trips related to the narrow gauge railroads of the SP.

Presentations in the past have covered modeling the railroad, history of the railroad, reports of field trips and observations.

Field trips have involved right-of-way exploration trips, visits to museums and other historic sites, and when available a historic train ride (or two). The field trips are a way of sharing individual knowledge to the membership.

2019 Society Conference

In 2019 the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society will be a co-host of the 39th National Narrow Gauge Convention being held at Sacramento, California, on September 4 - 7, 2019.

We will be involved with members giving clinics/presentations about the Southern Pacific narrow gauges. We will also have an information table in the vendor's hall.

We will be scheduling our annual membership meeting during this event.

Details will provided as the convention planning advances.

Future conference locations:

  • 2019 - Sacramento, California

Past conference locations:

  • 2018 -
  • 2017 - Carson City, Nevada. "H.M. Yerington Mines, Mills, and Railroads".
  • 2016 -
  • 2015 - Hawthorne, Nevada
  • 2014 - Lone Pine, California
  • 2013 - Tonopah, Nevada (the boomtown that changed the C&C)
  • 2012 - Newark, California (SPCRR, etc.)
  • 2011 - Hawthorne, Nevada
  • 2010 - Bishop, California
  • 2009 - Carson City & Dayton, Nevada
  • 2008 - Bishop, California

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